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That moment when no ones replies you back.!!

My mind is not dirty but those are my dreams.!!

Its not the roses, but the wildflowers that are the key to a woman's heart.

The way I see you is like the way
I see the stars, far but still beautiful.

You are the reason
I smile, I love, I breath, I live.

Someday somewhere somehow me
you will be together.

I don't need to see the sun again,
there is enough light in your eyes to light up all the world.

If distance is what I have
to overcome to be with you
then give me a map.
I am going to find you.

I have tested all sweet dishes
they are not as sweet as my lover's lips :)

In the world there are billions of people,
In my eyes I see only you.

I can live without any friends,
any family and any money
I can't live without you.

You can love me or hate me I swear
it won't make me or break me.

I was wondering
if you had an extra heart
mine seems to have been stolen.

Dear heart,
please fall in love only when you're ready,
not when you're lonely.

A true romantic is one who romances one woman forever.

Your the key to my soul.

Sitting next to you doing nothing means absolutely everything to me.

I wanted to climb over the mountain and get on with my life,
I never even made it to the top because I fell for you..

The most beautiful clothes that can dress a woman are the arms of the man she loves.

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
i’ll never love someone the way
i love you.

I have nothing,
when you came
i had everything….

“why am i so afraid to lose you,
when you’re not even mine.”

I’m no one special,
just another wide-eyed girl
madly in love with you.

Real men love the girl
who can
make their world most beautiful.

It is so cute when i see old people still totally in love !!

I feel like HEAVEN,
when i am with you.

Did you know that i really love the 2nd word of this question?

I want to be with you until the sun falls from the sky.

You’re my favorite song 🙂 !!

Yes i am selfish
i will never share you with anyone.

I want you to be happy
i want to be the reason.

Seeing you is the favorite part of my day.

I wanna be the one your “EX” will hate,
your mom dad will love,
and the one you’ll never forget.

I wish dreams were like wishes,
and wishes came true,
cause in my dreams I’m always with you.

When I dream, I dream of you. Maybe one day,
dreams will come true. Because, I really love you.

I’ll love you until the day after forever.

Meeting you was fate,
becoming your friend was a choice,
but falling in love with you was beyond my control.

There are only two times that
I want to be with you…
Now and Forever.

I don’t want to lose this feeling.
If I could choose a place to die,
it would be in your arms.

If I could be anything I would be your tear,
so I could be born in your eye,
live down your cheek and die on your lips.

Falling in love with you is the second best thing in the world.
Finding you is the first.

If I know what love is,
it is because of you.

I tried but I can’t stop thinking about you.

I love my life because it gave me you
I love you because you are my life

No matter what has happened.
No matter what you’ve done.
No matter what you will do.
I will always love you. I swear it.

I'm 99% sure that she doesn't like me,
But its the 1% that keeps me going !!

Cold weather is the
situation for hugging...?

My real smile comes when I'm with U !!

True love comes once in a lifetime…
don't miss it ,open your eyes and your heart !!

I fall in love with u,
I don't know why or how.
I just did !!

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