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I honestly hope each and every one of you has the best year ever in New Year.

Cheers to the New Year. May it be a memorable one. Happy New Year 2020

It is time to forget the past and celebrate a new beginning. Happy New Year.

Don’t wait for a new year to change your perspective. Get up and be proactive today!

Sending you wishes for a happy year filled with health, prosperity, love and loads of fun!

Wish you happy holiday’s season with unforgettable Christmas and New Year.

I wish this year has lesser disasters, lesser hate, lesser accidents and loads of love. Happy New Year.

Here is a wishing that the coming year is a glorious one. That rewards all your future

Don’t bring your Past issues into New-year. Have a new mindset to do new things for the new year.

This message is to most memorable people of my life in 2019. Thanx for everything... Wishing you all a pleasent, beautiful and rocking new year 2020.

Do all the good u can, By all the means u can, In all the ways u can, In all the places u can, At all the times u can Happy New Year 2020

Fresh Air.... Fresh Idea.... Fresh Talent.... Fresh Energy.... I wish you to have a ..... Sweetest Sunday, Marvellous Monday, Tasty Tuesday, Wonderful Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, Friendly Friday, Successful Saturday...HAPPY NEW YEAR

In 2019, there were many times when I bugged U, Disturbed U, Irritated U.. . . This is to inform that, I wish to continue same in 2020 as well.. . . HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

New Year is a time to celebrate with friends and family, to have fun, to catch up and to party. So may you enjoy your New Year with your loved ones. HAPPY NEW YEAR :-)

New Year is a time for festivity of love, of life, of Friendship. Hereupon, it is the time to thank God for the wonderful people around :-) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Actual success comes only to those who are ready for it. So never step back and always have the courage to accept new challenges. Wishing you a very Happy New Year 2020

Thanks for all the cheers, and pretty moments we shared together May we have lots more in the stunning New Year. Happy New Year 2020

Welcome New Year… We look forward to you A year of wonderful happiness A year of good health A year of great success A year of incredibly good luck A year of continuous fun A year of world peace Happy New Year 2020

The New Year lies ahead With books to be read, And adventures to be led. May you find fulfillment and joy All year long!

In every thing there must be a season, a time 2come and a time 2go. I pray that this New Year brings 2you happiness and joy 4ever and ever. Happy New Year 2020

This New Year I wish that God showers you with His choicest Blessings, Fate never takes you for a bumpy ride, Cupid strikes you with his sweetest arrow, Lady Luck bestows upon you health and wealth, your Guardian Angel keeps your mind alert and bright.

Before the calendar turns a new leaf over, before the social networking sites get flooded with messages, before the mobile networks get congested, let me take a quiet moment out to wish you a wonderful, happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

May You Welcome This New Year With Warm Smiles Carved In Your Face And Sweeter Memories To Cherish The Day. Happy New Year 2020

Every end marks a new beginning. Keep your spirits and determination unshaken, and you shall always walk the glory road. With courage, faith and great effort, you shall achieve everything you desire. I wish you a very Happy New Year.

As The Sand Goes Down Smoothly In The Hour Glass, May Your Days Also Be Like So. Wishing You High Energy Levels In Every Day Of The New Year For You Carry On With Every Task That Will Always Be Ahead Of You While Shaping Your Life. Happy New Year 2020

As 31st December Marks The End Of The Old Year, Let Go Of The Of The Last Year's Failures, Disappointments And Grief, Fly High And Light With The Great And Endless Possibilities Of The New Year. Happy New Year :-)

Thanks for all the fun, and lovely moments we shared May we have lots more in the glorious New Year. HAPPY NEW YEAR :-)

Sabke dilon mein ho sabke liye pyar, Aane wala har din laye khushiyon ka tyohar, Iss umeed ke saath aao bhool ke saare gham, New Year 2020 ko ham sab karein welcome. Happy New Year!

Bhul jao beete hue kal ko, Dil mein basa lo aane wale kal ko, Muskurao chahe jo bhi ho pal, Khushiyaan lekar ayega aane wala kal, Happy New Year 2020

May each day of the coming year Be vibrant and new bringing along Many reasons for celebrations & rejoices. Happy New Year!

Lighten up your surroundings with your sweet smile and make way for happiness with your good deeds this New Year. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020

My wishes for you are not limited to just the next year but to all the years that you experience in your lifetime and in your reincarnations! Have a fun-filled, smashing, rocking and happening New Years!

Sending our warmest thoughts and best wishes for a successful and glorious New Year. Happy New Year 2020

As the new year dawn, I hope it is filled with the promises of a brighter tomorrow. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020

You are blessed with another beautiful year filled with opportunities to make it a grand one. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

This year may you rediscover yourself and emerge as a more confident and contented soul. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020

May the occasion of New Year bring in your life more smiles and more harmony… May our association get stronger and deeper with mutual benefits to us… With lots of hope and best wishes, we are sending warm New Year wishes to you and your family. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020

New Day New Month New Hopes New Resolutions New Aspirations And New Year But there is only one thing old – that’s you. Happy New Year 2020!

Good Resolutions Are Simply Checks That Men Draw On A Bank Where They Have No Account. Have A Happy New Year 2020 My Dear.

Wish you laughter not smile, pure joy not just happiness, not only wealth but heavenly treasure and great peace of mind. Happy New Year 2020!!

May this New Year 2020 all your dreams turn into reality and all your efforts into great achievements.

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, George Clooney and ME! All the famous wish you a very Happy New Year 2020!

May the New Year 2020 bring happiness, success, love, and loads of luck into your life!

The New Year 2020 will be like the old one if you keep on doing the same old things.

Wishing You A Year Filled With Great Joy Peace And Prosperity Have A Wonderful Year Ahead Happy New Year 2020!

honestly hope each and every one of you have the best year ever in New Year. Celebrate what you want to see more of Happy New Year 2020!

Years Come And Go But We Will Remain Friends And Never Be A Foe. Therefore, Before The Sun Sets Down Low, I’m Wishing You A Happy And Prosperous New Year 2020.

As the old year passes by and a new year is coming at our door wish to send you heartiest greetings of pleasure and excellent health. May God bless you and gift you a wonderful year ahead.

Happy New Year 2020 friend. I hope you saved some champagne because I’m going to need some drinks all year.

May you exceed the limits of prosperity and success in the New Year 2020!










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